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Brickguards for Scaffolding

The only single unit plastic brickguard available to the UK construction and scaffolding industry built for protection when working at height.

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Unique and innovative design

Brickguards are used together with construction work scaffolding to provide a durable mesh barrier along the scaffold handrail and toe board. They are a flexible and cost-effective way of preventing tools and debris from falling off the scaffold minimising the risk of damage to property and harm to persons below.

G&M Safe Deck are suppliers of the UK’s only available single unit plastic brickguard. Its unique features include:

  • No separate parts to attach, adjust or loose
  • Quick and easy to install on to the guardrail
  • Unique hanging hook system
  • Anti-tangle guaranteed
  • Conforms to British standards

Ease of storage and transportation

You can now buy a traditional style plastic brickguard that is easy to stack vertically and separate without the inconvenience of tangling. This makes our brickguards user-friendly for installers and great for storage and transportation.

Robust, durable and secure

Our brickguards provide extra stability in harsh conditions. A built-in toe board clip helps to prevent movement of the brickguard, even in high winds. It is manufactured using high grade impact modified polypropylene for added durability and flexibility when in situ.


Customise your brickguards

In addition to the standard industry colours – black, blue, red, orange, yellow and green – we can also manufacture brickguards to match your company brand colour using RAL colour matching technology.

The mesh section boasts a flat profile across the brickguard providing an excellent space for having your company logo moulded into or printed onto either side. Not only is this a great opportunity to advertise your company whilst on site but is an added security against theft.

Environmentally friendly scaffold brickguards

Manufactured in the UK, you can trust that our brickguard products are made with careful consideration for the environment.

They are manufactired using recycled polypropylene from trusted suppliers who have formulated the correct blend of polymer and modifiers to produce materials that endure in the construction and scaffolding environment.

Our brickguards are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life.


Request A Quote

For technical enquiries or to request a quotation, contact a member of our sales team on 01606 834 630 or