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G&M Stillage

Compatible with G&M Safe Deck system

Designed to accept 26 or 56 panels

Fast, reliable nationwide delivery

Available for hire, purchase or add-on to G&M Safe Deck system

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Safe deck storage

Simplifying the storage and transportation of decking panels

The storage and transportation of decking panels has long been a industry-wide issue. This has arisen due to the increased need to palletise and secure the equipment for safe lifting and transportation. Plant machinery such as forklift trucks, both standard and telescopic, cannot move unsecured loads. As a result, site loads spend unnecessary time loading pallets, banding or strapping the loads to ensure that they remain stable. Our decking panel stillages have been designed to make storage and transportation of these materials safer but also more time and cost-effective.

Designed to accept 26 or 56 decking panels

We have two stillage options available to either hire, purchase or as an add-on to the G&M Safe Deck system.  

The first option is designed to accept 26 decking panels stored in two stacks of 13 panels side by side. This means that your operatives don’t need to stack the panels 26 high on a panel as they may do currently.  

Alternatively, our other stillage is designed to accept 56 built legs that can also be stacked.

Safe deck storage


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What our clients think

Gavin Smith, Director, M R Scaffolding Ltd (East Anglia)

We chose G&M Safe Deck over other systems because their testing and manufacturing quality is excellent, moreover we can build our scaffolding through the decking, this unique feature was a massive factor in choosing the G&M Safe Deck System.    

Phil Smith, Plant Manager, Domis Construction

We are delighted to work with G&M Safe Deck to create our own decking. Being able to produce their own system in our company colours and apply our brand was really important to us to enable us to raise our own brand awareness on site. The process was simple and working with the G&M team was an enjoyable experience.


Constructionline Gold Member
HAS Accredited Contractor
Safe Contractor Approved
FASET - Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training