Plasterboard Hatch – New product alert!

We are excited to announce we have a new product in the Safe Deck range of products. The Safe Deck Plasterboard Hatch.


The plasterboard Hatch.

This new hatch will enable the safe passing of materials between floor levels. The safe manual handling of materials between floor levels has always been a concern for employers and principal contractors. Traditionally, materials such as lengths of timber or plaster board have been carried up the stairs. This can be risky and arduous for those carrying materials. Consequently there is a greater risk of musculoskeletal injuries occurring as a result of awkward and unnecessary manual handling.


The manual handling operations regulations 1992 require employers the assess the risk of potential injury caused by potentially hazardous manual handling. Consequently employers need to think about the way their employees are carrying out manual handling operations and risk assess as to whether there is a better and safer way of doing it. So reducing the distance travelled when carrying materials is always preferable where possible, especially when this involves navigating stairs. This is where the Safe Deck Plasterboard hatch comes in.


When & How

The hatch is intended for use in floors that have no viable access through for operatives (Safe Deck Hatch) or materials. This due to the fact that often the stairwells have not been cut out. This is the perfect place to put a Plasterboard hatch. Consequently allowing operatives to pass materials up through the floor rather than carrying materials up scaffolding or in some cases up stairs. As a result this enables operatives to reduce their time spent manually handling materials. Consequently they are spending more time actually installing or using the materials for their work.


Most importantly the Plasterboard hatch does not have an opening big enough to allow an operative to fall through. So there is no need for any edge protection around the opening. The opening is only 1300mm x 75mm  which is big enough to pass plasterboard and other materials through. Where access for operatives is required the addition of a Safe Deck Hatch makes a perfect combination for access and materials handling.

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