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Free Standing System

Freestanding Crash Deck – Safe Deck Excellence

Using just one component, quickly and easily transform the G&M Safe Deck system into a freestanding platform

Compatible with G&M Safe Deck system

Rigorously tested for loads up to 2kN

Fast, reliable nationwide delivery

Versatile system allows installation in almost any area

Free Standing Safety System
Freestanding Crash Deck

Watch our free standing system

Transform the G&M Safe Deck into a freestanding platform

In response to valued feedback from G&M Safe Deck customers, we researched and developed the UK’s only plastic safe deck that can be quickly and easily modified using one component to make it freestanding. This means that our safe deck system can be freestanding without the need for a supporting structure to contain the deck.

Find out more about our safe deck system here.

Platform Decking

How it Works

The component fits on to either end of the safe deck leg tube to form a brace. This brace connects the base plate to the head plate across two panels, forming two triangle shapes and therefore making the structure exceptionally ridged.

Unique and Innovative Design

  • No need for structure to contain the safe deck
  • Structure can be built around the deck
  • Tube and edge protection can be easily fitted
  • Tested by UKAS to withstand loads of 2kN
  • Boasts a non-slip surface
  • Resistant to chemicals and UV
  • Lightweight for ease of transportation and installation

image of product 

Wide range of  Applications

By integrating this single component with the G&M Safe Deck system to make it freestanding, it can be used for a wide range of construction and leisure applications, including:

  • Standalone working platforms
  • Elevated temporary walkways
  • Temporary access for wagon loading/off-loading
  • Void infills
  • Event staging

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For technical enquiries or to request a quotation, contact a member of our sales team on 01606 834 630 or


Can G&M Safe Deck panels be cut to a smaller size?

Yes, the full size panel can be cut in half, thirds, two-thirds or sixths. The Safe Deck panel is designed to be cut down without loss of rigidity or strength. Consequently the panel can be re-used even if it is damaged. Thereby cutting down on waste and loss.

Do you have half sized panels available?

Yes. G&M Safe Deck Ltd care a great deal about our customers and the support we provide them. Consequently we listen to what our customers want. We were asked by our customers for a Safe Deck half panel they could purchase as a separate item as and when they needed them. As a result of this we have gone into R&D and developed a half panel. The Safe Deck half panel has been tested by a UKAS accredited test centre. Consequently we have testing data which proves the Safe Deck half panel has the same loading capability and characteristics as the standard full size panel.

Can safety deck be loaded?

G&M Safe Deck has undergone rigorous testing by Lucideon (formerly CERAM – a UKAS accredited testing (0013) and calibration. (0420) UK laboratory) and can be loaded to 2.0kN/m2.

The safety decking panel has been successfully tested for:

  • Uniformly distributed load (UDL) to serviceability load
  • Soft body impact tests in accordance with ACR(M)001:2000 Test for Fragility of Roofing Assemblies
  • Point loads over several test positions through a 100mm x 100mm spreader plate

For more information on G&M Safe Deck’s load testing methodology and data, download our product information sheet here <Link. To G&M Safe Deck – Product Range Testing Data & Information. PDF>.

What is the life span of G&M Safe Deck?

The G&M Safe Deck System has a proven life expectancy of at least 10 years. This has been proven by testing panels taken from our contracting stock that are 10 years old. The testing was successful and the old panels performed as well as a new one would. G&M Safe Deck is by far the most rigorously tested plastic system available on the market anywhere in the world.

How much does GM Safe Deck weigh?

G&M Safe Deck has been designed to be lightweight as well as strong. A full size panel weighs 10.43 kg.

Can Safe Deck be freestanding?

Yes, the G&M Safe Deck system can be set-up as freestanding. It is the only plastic freestanding decking system available in the UK.
In one easy application, involving a simple component that can be quickly and easily pinned to either end of a leg tube, G&M Safe Deck can be made freestanding, meaning that there is no need for the supporting structure to contain the deck.

Can G&M Safe Deck be manufactured in different colours?

Yes, we can manufacture the Safe Deck panel components in any colour to meet your requirements. We can also brand the panels with your company logo and contact details for buying customers, enabling you to promote your company whilst on site. Simply discuss your colour and branding requirements with a member of our sales team.

Can a scaffold tube be built through the Safe Deck system?

G&M Safe Deck’s unique design allows a tube or scaffold to be built through any part of the panels making is flexible and quick to install on site.

What training will be supplied for the Safe Deck system?

As an accredited FAEST training centre, G&M Safe Deck offer training courses for both platform decking installers and managers.

The FASET Platform Decking Installer course is designed for operatives, however, it is also suitable for anyone who wishes to learn how to install platform decking safely and in a compliant manner. This course covers planning, installation, and the practical issues for the correct use of platform decking on site.

The FASET Platform Decking Managers course is designed for the site manager. It will help platform decking managers to better understand the limitations of individual systems, enabling them to inspect platform decking systems correctly and manage their use on site.

For more information about our FASET Platform Decking courses for the G&M Safe Deck system, click here <Link to:>

What testing has been carried out on the Safe Deck system?

G&M Safe Deck exceeds all Health and Safety Executive Standards and provides an exceptionally safe platform for working at height.
The system is tested to BS5973:1993, BSEN12811-1: 2003 and ACR (M) 001:2005 as stipulated by FASET.
For more information on G&M Safe Deck’s testing methodology and data, download our product information sheet here.

Why is safety decking important in construction?

Safety decking is beneficial in a construction project for a multitude of reasons. Its primary function is to safeguard the well-being of construction workers, mitigating the risks associated with working at heights. Here are several key reasons why safety decking is beneficial:

  • First and foremost, safety decking provides a secure platform for workers to perform tasks at elevated levels. This reduces the likelihood of accidents, such as falls from heights, which can result in severe injuries or fatalities. By creating a stable working surface, safety decking minimizes these risks, ensuring that workers can focus on their tasks with confidence.
  • Furthermore, safety decking enhances overall productivity on construction sites. With a reliable and safe platform in place, workers can efficiently carry out their duties, saving time and resources. This translates into cost savings for construction projects and helps meet deadlines more effectively.
  • In addition to protecting workers and improving efficiency, safety decking also minimizes damage to the building being constructed. It acts as a buffer, preventing tools, materials, or debris from falling to lower levels, thereby reducing the potential for structural damage and ensuring the quality of the final product.

How does safety decking protect workers?

Safety decking plays a crucial role in protecting construction workers by providing a secure working platform at elevated heights. Here’s how safety decking safeguards workers:

Preventing Falls: Safety decking creates a stable and level surface for workers to stand or walk on while performing tasks at heights. This minimizes the risk of falls, which is one of the most significant hazards in construction.

Fall Arrest: In the event of an accidental slip or trip, safety decking is often designed to act as a fall arrest system. It can stop a worker from falling to a lower level, reducing the severity of injuries or preventing them altogether.

Protection from Falling Objects: Safety decking also acts as a barrier to prevent tools, materials, or debris from falling to lower levels. This protects not only workers on the platform but also those working below, reducing the risk of head injuries and other accidents caused by falling objects.

Enhancing Stability: Safety decking is engineered to support the weight of construction workers, equipment, and materials. This stability ensures that workers can carry out their tasks without worrying about the platform collapsing or shifting.

Increased Confidence: Knowing they are working on a secure surface, workers can concentrate on their tasks with greater confidence and peace of mind, reducing stress and distraction that can lead to accidents.

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What our clients say about our safety / crash deck

Jake Iles, Health & Safety Advisor, Gleeson Homes

Making the move from our previous fall protection method of soft landing bags over to safety decking was made so much easier by the guidance and assistance from the team at G&M.  It’s great to be able to pick up the phone and speak with a familiar face who understands the company’s needs as opposed to having to deal with different people on a regular basis. As a result we have a good working relationship with G&M, and an robust decking system in place on site.

Wayne Price, Construction Director, NJS Group Ltd

We trialled G& M Safe Deck and four years later we have not looked back. We have invested in material and employing staff to cope. G&M Safe deck are a very professional and reliable company, NJS safe deck are looking forward to continuing our relationship for many years. Every client whom we introduce the Safety Decking to love the speed and always ask for it on their next job.

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