Freestanding Crash Deck with higher loading capacity

Freestanding G&M Safe Deck

Platform decking locking mechanism


G&M Safe Deck is the only plastic system that can be installed without the need for a structure to contain it. The addition of a simple adapter enables this unique feature.

kg weight

7.5kN Loading Capacity

We have now tested for an increased loading capacity on the platform. Tested by a UKAS accredited test centre to withstand a loading of 7.5kN.

Why choose G&M Safe Deck

Why choose G&M Safe Deck

In comparison to systems constructed of steel. The G&M Safe Deck System has a proven life expectancy of at least 10 years. This has been proven by testing panels taken from our contracting stock that are 10 years old. The testing was successful and the old panels performed as well as a new one would. G&M Safe Deck is by far the most rigorously tested plastic system available on the market anywhere in the world.

G&M Safe Deck Ltd & G&M Safety Netting Ltd take a great deal of pride in the quality of the products we provide. Our mission is to provide safe working conditions for operatives who work at height or require safe means of access to work at height. Consequently, we can design and install quality Temporary Safety Systems for the construction industry and anywhere else. We aim to provide quality temporary safety systems that protect your employees and help you to provide safe systems of work compliant with the Work at Height Regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act.  

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