Crash Deck Inspection – FASET PDfM

FASET – Platform Decking for Managers

Delivered by G&M Safety Netting Ltd. Focuses on crash deck inspection and management. Platform Decking is provided by Scaffold Installers and FASET Members. G&M Safe Deck and other Systems are covered within the course. Consequently, the system components are covered by the syllabus as well as limitations and temporary works.

Platform Decking or Crash Decks as they are more popularly known are fast becoming the most popular way of providing access to work at height. As a result roofers, bricklayers and joiners utilise these systems to work safely at height. Consequently, this FASET course covers the inspection planning, management and practical issues surrounding the correct use of crash deck’s on site.

Platform Decking on site

What do they do?

Platform Decking systems form a safe working platform and fall prevention system. These systems are primarily used in the house building sector. Historically contractors have relied on soft landing systems to protect their workers. This has led to house builders using, by default, systems that allow a fall to happen. The work at height regs have always required that falls be prevented where possible in preference to the use of fall arrest systems. Consequently systems that allow a fall to happen sit further down the hierarchy of control measures than platform decking systems do. As a result increasing numbers of house builders have altered their practice and moved over to crash deck systems.

Job Roles that benefit from Crash deck Inspection training

This course is for site/project managers, supervisors, health & safety professionals, principal designers and Temporary Works Coordinators / Supervisors / Designers.

Crash Deck inspection course – Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course. Candidates will know how to plan for and manage the safe installation of platform decking. Subsequently, they will understand what to expect from a contractor before work starts. As a result they will be able to identify competence, faults, resultant issues and specify remedial solutions.

Crash Deck Inspection – Why & When

Inspection of working platforms is a statutory requirement of the WAH regs. It is a clients responsibility to inspect at regular intervals. Consequently competent inspection must take place.

Platform Decking Systems are safety critical. So those persons who control work above these systems need to be able to inspect. This is so they will know if the crash deck is safe to access or not, both prior to and following handover. As a result, competence in inspection is a key aspect of using crash deck system.

Crash Deck inspection – When?

  • Every 7 days
  • After adverse weather conditions
  • At handover
  • After any alterations (New Handover)
  • After any circumstances that may render the system unfit for continued use (Falls of persons, debris, materials etc)

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