Platform Decking CSCS card

House builders, Insist on the FASET Platform Decking CSCS Card

Access Platform Decking Systems have become more widely used in the House Building Industry. As a result, It made sense for the Platform Decking industry to look to become recognised and regulated by a trade association.

Why bother with a Platform Decking CSCS Card?

In an Industry where the Health and Safety of operatives is paramount. The Site Manager has to be sure the contractors being used to install Platform Decking are competent. The CSCS Card scheme provides the Site Manager with quantifiable proof of training and assessment. Therefore, the construction industry as a whole benefits. Operatives & employers also benefit from holding the Platform Decking CSCS Card. Especially relevant is the fact that they have a recognised trade occupation within the CSCS card scheme.

G&M Safe Deck Ltd has been involved in a committee and working group setup by FASET, the Temporary Safety Systems & Safety Netting trade association. The goal of this committee was to bring the major manufacturers of Platform Decking Systems to the table.  FASET tasked the committee with designing a standardised training scheme and best practice guide. As a result, the committee has set the standard for Platform Decking nationwide.

Why Platform Decking, Won’t Bean Bags do?

The health & safety of operatives, visitors and the public is a primary concern for Principal Contractors as well as Employers and Clients. Platform Decking provides the user with an effective method of fall prevention. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 require that work at height is avoided so far as is reasonably practicable. Where work at height cannot be avoided he regulation requires that the fall be prevented, If the fall cannot be prevented then the distance and consequences of the fall must be reduced to an acceptable level.

Consequently, those who are responsible for controlling work at height must look to prevent the fall where ever possible. Consequently, in the eyes of the HSE, it is preferable to prevent using collective equipment. That is what Platform Decking does, as well as provide a safe working platform. As is visible in the picture Platform Decking sits as close to the top of the hierarchy of control measures as it is possible to be without avoiding work at height altogether.

How do I get a Platform Decking CSCS Card?

The first step is to contact the manufacturer of the Platform Decking System that you are using. They must be members the trade association FASET to be a part of the scheme. The would be Platform Installers must then attend the FASET Platform Installers Course. Following training and assessment the successful Learner will be able to apply for the FASET Platform Installer CSCS Card. Consequently they will be able to prove their competence in Platform Decking Installation. 

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