Renewed FASET Membership 😍

Very proud of our renewed FASET membership – the mark of excellence for Platform Decking

Following a full and thorough audit by FASET G&M Safe Deck has been awarded renewed FASET Membership. As long serving members of FASET, G&M Safe Deck Ltd are proud to retain membership to the premier Temporary Safety Systems trade association.

What is FASET?

FASET was founded back in the early 2000’s and is the trade association for the Temporary Safety Systems industry. Members range from installers to manufacturers.

FASET as a trade association administers various training schemes leading to CSCS cards for operatives who can demonstrate their skills and competence through assessment. Inspection courses for the manager are also available.

Consequently, FASET offer the following courses in Temporary Safety Systems

  • Safety Net Rigger
  • Edge Protection Installer
  • Stair Tower Installer
  • Platform decking Installer
  • Soft Landing Systems Installer
  • Safety Net Rescue for Operatives (coming soon)

For the Manager

  • Edge Protection for Managers (coming soon)
  • Stair towers for Managers (coming soon)
  • STEP for Managers (the above combined, available now)
  • Safety Nets for Managers
  • Platform Decking for Managers
  • Soft Landing Systems for Managers
  • Tensioned Access Platforms for Managers
  • Rescue Workshop for Managers

FASET also has committees that produce technical guidance. These committees are formed by experts from the member companies. As A result the guidance produced is of a high standard and is regularly looked to by industry and principal contractors. The guidance is available here.

Renewed FASET members enjoy multiple benefits. Preferred contractor status amongst the major principal contractors. Legal aid, input into FASET committees, ability to set industry standards, access to reduced prices for BSI standards to name a few.

This is a result of the rigorous FASET Platform Decking Audit which covers all of the aspects of being a reputable company. Consequently, Safety Management & Environmental responsibilities are assessed. Along with the company’s ability to manage and maintain their Platform Decking equipment.

Renewed FASET Membership